The Critical Lessons I’ve Learned Living Near Par Pond, SC

Do you ever wonder what it is like living deep in the heart of South Carolina’s rural lands by the creek? We tracked down a lifelong inhabitant who has been residing near Wadmacon Creek, SC and asked him about his thoughts and opinions about living in this area.

We have summarized our discussion with him into several key lessons that he has discovered over the years that can help you reflect on this lifestyle as well.

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Living near Wadmacon Creek, SC

It wasn’t easy to find somebody who has spent a significant time near Wadmacon Creek, but it was even more difficult to get somebody to agree to share their thoughts on the area. That’s probably due to the shy and reserved nature of residents of this region.

Still, we were able to get connected with Derek, a 63 year old married father of 3 kids who has spent his whole life in the area. Derek has worked as a furniture maker as well as a farmer and has developed an intimate knowledge of Wadmacon Creek and its surrounding areas.

We took the time to listen to his past experiences and how they shaped his life both physically and mentally to make him the man he is today. Ultimately, we learned that this lifestyle is not suitable for everyone, but for the ones that can handle the hardships, they can truly thrive in this environment.

The first thing Derek mentioned was how he has learned patience while living near Wadmacon Creek. Nothing develops quickly around here, and he has grown to trust that things will happen when they need to. He takes a walk to the creek nearly everyday, and depending on which part he wants to access, the journey can take him up to 1 hour.

But, he knows his perseverance is worthwhile, since it allows him to reach his place of tranquility once he reaches the creek. He believes that this enduring mindset has allowed him to overcome many challenges in the other parts of his life and to be as successful as he is today.

Similarly, Derek has discovered how to live with less. There isn’t much around to do near Wadmacon Creek. So, he learned at an early age on how to be creative with what he had and his surroundings. That led him to his profession of furniture making, where he applies the same discipline and creative mind into his pieces.

Meanwhile, Derek also pointed out how this basic lifestyle near the creek has actually made the simple things in life more enjoyable for him.

He stated, “For me, happiness is a cold beer at the end of the day while sitting in the woods. That’s my time to reflect on the day and just listen to the stillness of nature.”

Speaking of nature, that is another key factor that Derek believes has molded his life.

He equates the steady stream of the creek to the constant movement of life, yet the stillness of the surrounding trees reminds him of how he can control his moments.

He also takes pride in waking up at 5AM and catching the morning sunrise that emerges from the creek.

“There aren’t many things you can count on in life, but every morning I know that the sun will shine its light over the creek and reminds me that life will always continue forward. I think we all need that kind of reminder.”

There are also practical lessons that Derek has learned over the years while living near Wadmacon Creek. First and foremost is the need to invest in a durable pickup truck. We asked him what brand he recommends.

“My father always had a Ford and I’ve carried on the tradition. They’ve never let me down and believe me when I say that I have put them to the test.”

He uses it primarily for hauling his work as well as all the equipment he uses for the numerous DIY projects he undertakes. Of course, he also uses it to get around the unpaved, dirt roads around the area.

He also said, “Get to learn to like animals. You’ll see them all pass through here. Deer, hogs, gators, you name ‘em. But, they don’t mean any harm as long as you don’t get in their way. You gotta learn to share nature.”

Additionally, Derek learned about family values and fatherhood during his time in these woods. Since there aren’t many things to do, he stressed how important it was to instill the same level of discipline and persistence in his kids. “Even though there aren’t many places to go, a young person can easily get himself in trouble around here. I made sure to get my kids to understand the value of hard work through a strong purpose so that they wouldn’t be tempted to stray off the path.”

We tried to press him for lessons that he picked up after a negative experience. But, he was quite positive about his experiences and said that every aspect, both good or bad, were critical in building the foundation for his life today. In the end, Derek said that he would not trade his time living in Wadmacon Creek for a bigger city (or even a suburb for that matter).

Is there anything he wishes he could change about his life here in South Carolina? He stated, “I just wish there were less mosquitoes. Make sure you get some good screens for your windows.”


Although this is just one man’s opinions on life near Wadmacon Creek, we think that it accurately encompasses the values and mindset of many residents in this area.

We are hoping that Derek’s story can help you get a better understanding of what it really means to live out here, especially as many people start to consider getting closer to nature.