The 12 Most Liberal Cities in Florida in 2022



We researched and found the most liberal cities in Florida for those looking to move to a place with like-minded people that share their values. It would not be accurate to label Florida as either liberal or conservative. In fact, many consider the Sunshine State to be purple, which represents a blend of both red and blue politics.

In each presidential election, the Democratic and Republican votes in Florida are usually close to 50/50. However, there seems to be a trend where the areas around large cities tend to lean liberal while the rural areas tend to be more conservative.

It is also evident that the further south you go in Florida, the more liberal the areas become in general.

However, liberalism is not just based on political affiliation. It is actually more of a philosophy that blends ideals of diversity and inclusiveness with an open mind towards progressive social change.

For this list of the most liberal cities in Florida, we took a look at many factors that make a place to live more liberal, such as:

  • Strong social services
  • Active arts and culture scene
  • Access to higher education
  • Supportive LGBTQ community
  • Racial diversity
  • Environmental consciousness

Of course, we also considered the voting history of each city as part of our evaluation.

So, let’s take a look at the most liberal places to live in Florida so that you can understand where you want to head to next.

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12 Most Liberal Cities in Florida

12. Orlando

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We start our list of the most liberal cities in Florida in the city that is home to the happiest place on earth. Orlando has earned a strong reputation for being quite liberal, which has helped to attract tourists worldwide and also stimulate its growth among young professionals.

The majority of Orlando voters voted Democrat and the city offers a strong sense of community with one of the most diverse populations in the state. There are also famous events like GayDays Orlando, which also includes Gay Days at Walt Disney World. 

11. Delray Beach

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Delray Beach is a walkable community that sits right on the beach on Florida’s Atlantic coast. It offers one of the best arts and culture scenes in the state.

There are numerous art galleries and museums around the city like the contemporary Cornell Art Museum and the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum.

There is also the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.

Additionally, there are whole neighborhoods devoted to offering boutiques and art galleries, like the hip Pineapple Grove Arts District

10. Tallahassee

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The state capital of Tallahassee is well-known as one of the most liberal cities in Florida due to its college town-like atmosphere. There are nine universities located in Tallahassee, including Florida State University and Florida A&M University.

On top of that, there are many residents who work for the state as well as the universities, which creates a demographic of voters that is likely to lean in a liberal direction.

9. Key West

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In terms of voting history, Key West and the Florida Keys aren’t necessarily always blue. But, lifestyle-wise, it seems that anything goes in Key West.

You can’t help but be relaxed when you are living in paradise surrounded by the beaches and the ocean.

The residents of Key West generally do not tolerate a close-minded attitude while the city also features a vibrant LGBTQ community.

8. Tampa

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Tampa has become one of Florida’s most popular cities and it is easy to see why. It offers something for everyone, especially in its diverse downtown core.

Tampa has also been attracting many young professionals with its strong job market, which has continued to shift the city towards a liberal lean.

7. Coral Springs

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Coral Springs sits in the middle of Broward County, which is one of the most liberal areas in Florida in terms of registered Democrats. The city is quite supportive of locally-owned businesses and offers a vast variety of shops to fit every lifestyle, such as vegan-friendly restaurants.

This family-friendly city also offers many things to do, such as the Coral Springs Museum of Art and the Cypress Water Park.

Overall, Coral Springs is one of the best cities in Florida for Democrats.

6. Port St. Lucie

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Port St. Lucie is probably best known for attracting many retirees to its idyllic beachside community. But, it is also regarded as one of the most liberal cities in Florida in terms of the lifestyle it offers.

There is a thriving arts and culture scene in Port St. Lucie, with many community events like theater shows, film festivals, and gallery tours available year round.

The local government also does a good job of sponsoring public workshops through the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance.

5. Sarasota

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Sarasota is often regarded as Florida’s epicenter for the arts. The calendar for the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County is packed with live events, including performing arts, museums, festivals, and fairs. You can also find studios, theaters, and galleries all across the city. Sarasota even has its own opera house.

Additionally, Sarasota features an expansive local and organic food scene, which is a testament to its resident’s environmental consciousness.

Sarasota may be politically conservative, but it is truly an excellent place for a liberal lifestyle.

4. Gainesville

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It is no wonder why Gainesville is one of the most liberal places to live in Florida as it is home to the University of Florida. It even earned the nickname, “The Berkeley of the South.”

This college town features walkable streets, numerous entertainment venues, and tons of bars and restaurants that cater to the students and long-term residents.

But, Gainesville’s recent revitalization has also started to attract many new businesses, especially innovative tech startups.

3. Miami

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Miami is one of the most diverse cities in Florida, with a rich culture that is influenced heavily by Latin America and the Caribbeans. In fact, Miami has the 3rd largest Spanish-speaking population, only behind New York and Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Miami Gardens was ranked as the most liberal city in Florida based on their residents’ opinions on political issues.

There is no question that Miami offers a very liberal-friendly way of life. It features countless opportunities for entertainment and the arts, 17 colleges and universities, and is considered a LGBTQ mecca.

Miami is also highly aware of climate change issues as it is the most vulnerable coastal city in the world if sea levels continue to rise and storm surges intensify.

2. Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Lauderdale is another large city in the liberal Broward County that offers its residents a strong sense of inclusiveness and diversity. Many residents rave about the progressive culture that has been cultivated in the city over the years.

There is a district dedicated to arts and entertainment called the Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District, which features 22 blocks filled with museums, performance art centers, restaurants, bars, and nightlife venues.

Fort Lauderdale is also known as Florida’s gay capital and is the most diverse city in the whole state, making it one of the most liberal places in Florida.

1. St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg tops our list as the most liberal city in Florida. It is a haven for liberal-minded folks who are looking for an active, inclusive downtown and numerous neighborhoods to choose from that share these liberal ideals.

The city boasts seven distinct arts districts such as the Waterfront Museum District and the Warehouse Arts District. There is also the massive Dalí Museum that is dedicated to the works of Salvador Dalí, which is rated as one of the best in the world.

St. Petersburg also helps build its community by offering numerous events, like its famous Saturday Morning Market and the Saint Petersburg Art Festival that occurs every February.

The city also hosts a wide range of LGBTQ events, such as their annual Pride Parade in June.

Summary – Most Liberal Cities in Florida

We hope this list of the most liberal places to live in Florida has helped you understand where there are pockets of progressive minds in the Sunshine State.

It will be up to you to visit these places and see if their community actually fits your values as they may still differ a bit in their overall culture.